Adam Smith in his seminal work the Wealth of Nations wrote that rarely do businessmen get together for the benefit of consumers. All too often meetings of like minds work to conspire against the customer. Hence, he implored that government must step in order to a) ensure that monopolies be broken and b) destroy oligopolies as well. Smith knew that when individuals dictate the supplies, they can dictate the prices. Like the spice of Arrakis or Rockefeller’s Standard Oil, the control of the only supply controls the Universe, of pricing.


Despite the entry of small-time players into the scene, the truth is oil is still the game of the Big 3. As I recall from my past lessons in economics the difficulty of investing lies in the high capital barrier. Made even higher by bribery and uber-taxes. Notoriously poor to act against the interests of big-time players Congress and the government remain beholden to the might (and cash) of economic fiefdoms. Maintaining the sway of the entrenched capitalists.


Despite the barriers for entry, it is still possible to enter the big times. For instance,we can loosen protectionist barriers easing foreign capital and provide start-up cash. Also we can destroy the obsolete thinking of waiting for the state to provide jobs for every single person.

Protip: Build your own business.


It doesn't matter if the cat is black or white

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