The Friendster Excavation Dig

Remember Friendster?

That once awesome social networking site that everyone had to have because it was “cool”. That overrated, over-glittered profile page network that was just too annoying. It annoying from the start actually but like N’sync you had to bear it lest you were no longer in.

Which is fine I suppose but once the picture-fags and the inflated value is pulled by gravity, the false sense of wonder just knocks you out. Hard.
Like the Coolio fad before it, Friendster is now just another relic. Now buried under the immense rubble of the cyberspace.

Being the fad repellant that is my persona, I refused to accept this friendster bubble. Now that history has vindicated my choice, I can now rest easy. Knowing full well that the comedic drama that was is dead.

Still Remember Friendster?

like this but with more dead

  1. Hmm…no comment, I never really been part of friendster. But why do you sound agitated about it? Was it that bad?

  2. i knew it was, few saw the writing on the wall of incredible fad alert

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