5 Urban Legends about the NPA

The Communist New(Old?) People’s Army has produced many a myth about their modus operandi. Open target for CIA psywar, the reputation of the NPA as a “terrorist” organization has produced less than creative schlock against the rebel organization. Due to the remoteness of their jungle bases however, it can be hard to distinguish which of those claims are true. Here are a few gems of what probably are US planned smear attacks.

1. Child Soldiers
Easily the most refutable propaganda claim, the NPA since, well, ever actually has made it a policy of non-recruiting minors into the movement. Thanks however to Kabayan’s now defunct news organ, MGB the urban legend has maintained its cult status. People actually believe that NPA conscript 14 year old delinquents.

2. They shoot deserters, do they?
Technically they did, from the crazy days of the 80’s though the CPP has chastised themselves of “grievous tactical errors”. From putchists to “left-wing deviationists” the NPA is now improved and will no longer shoot deserters because that just isn’t cool.

But that other guy said…..

All right he’s a paid hack who used to be a Nep and now receives underground payroll from the AFP capish?

3. Mines

Slight of hand and command detonated explosives make the difference between an actual bomb and 38th parallel landmine.

4. Hitlist

Walden Bello is a lying sack of shit. If that hitlist was real do you think this guy would exist? Seriously?

5. Redbaiting

So insidious is the AFP that they are even tagging progressive organizations such as Bayan Muna, LFS, Gabriela, Anakpawis, Anakbayan, Migrante, KMU, Bayan etc. as so-called legal fronts of the CPP-NPA. With pretty much everyone back in the day a member of the underground how can anyone believe that? Really with so many activists becoming members of the movement how can anyone believe that legal militant organizations are fronts for Godless, Maoist Communists?

Definitely NOT Communist

    • raninxs
    • Pebrero 10th, 2010

    Really with so many activists becoming members of the movement how can anyone believe that legal militant organizations are fronts for Godless, Maoist Communists?

    ah, labels do that, right? communist. definitely not communist.

    but, maybe the question should not be whether progressive organizations are communists or not. the question is, what’s wrong about being a communist?

    it’s just a matter about having the State running after you with a gun…

    • I don’t think it would matter to the State if they were Commies.

    • Lorenz
    • Abril 8th, 2010

    When I was taking Journ 100 a semester ago, I had to (agonizingly) sit through “educational discussions” by members of LFS whenever our prof (who was an LFS member herself when she was a student) doesn’t feel like teaching, which happened for, like, 3 of the 15 lecture days. Here’s some of what I “learned” in those “lectures”:

    1. JoMa Sison is their Overlord, to the point of them not ashamed of quoting some of his writings. (OK, some of his writings are used as readings for PolSc 14 – Phil. Politics and Governance – but that’s a different matter altogether.)
    2. They condoned child soldiers as “the effect of the country’s turmoil,” or whatever shit they used to justify it. (They cited the Boy and Kris episode with Angel Locsin, where she laments the existence of child soldiers. LFS certainly lambasted that statement of hers.)
    3. “Wall-E” is actually Disney’s subliminal way of espousing communist propaganda. (For instance: “Caution: ROUGE Robots”)
    4. They have given me more reasons to stay in the center-left.

    Also, many of those myths may not be true-true, but they do have some grain of truth in them. For instance, progressive militant groups may not be legal fronts of the CPP-NPA, but many aspects of their ideology are certainly communist.

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