WE are an inured people. Content to be drunk, whether in occult prayers or sexual orgies. We are a happy race. Even when things are going to the dogs, we are still smiling. Content to live in our own worlds, we’d rather drown our worries in the web, in partying and nicotine.

Yet we should not judge our countrymen so harshly. History explains that those who haven’t found coping mechanisms to survive tough situations are doomed to fail. In the Philippine experience, that’s either being shot or dying from madness.

The Pinoy then is not a Pinoy. He is an amoeba. A singular organism in a drop of other amoebas. He can form colonies form self-protection and convenience. Yet he has not evolved. In order for an organism to advance to a more complex beast he must first develop prerequisites for advancement:

Cephalization is the formation of a centralized nervous system designed to lead the other cells. It first evolved in flatworms. We of course realize its value by focusing in one direction instead of sensing omnidirectional stimuli, as in the case of sponges. The emergence of cephalization allowed for specific predation instead of being bottom feeders or filtering.

The creation of a specialized respiratory and circulatory system Allowed higher animals to effectively transport oxygen and food to their bodies. Instead of relying on diffusion to transport wastes and air, we developed a specialized network of channels to funnel important elements to the various cells of the body. Hence allowing the existence of larger animals.


Yet isn’t it okay to be an amoeba. The single-cell organism can survive in any environment. Can adapt, can survive with very little in the same manner as Filipinos can survive. They live. Why trouble ourselves with problems of other amoebas when we can live on our own? Because we can and must.

As certain as evolution propels life forward, so too shall evolution propel man forwards. In the grander scheme of things, larger animals have an advantage. They can defend themselves better. Create testaments of wonder and retain heat better. Which is why their are large animals in colder climates.

So too one day Filipino will emerge. Evolve. From the feudal parochial mindset we will advance into other higher forms. Create genuinely effective organs of government. Connect to other cities and be mindful of the national as opposed to the mere local interests.

Slowly our minds are adjusting becoming more responsible in electing our officials. We now select in the basis of service and ability – even if perceived. Darlene Antonino-Custodio should thank her lucky stars for FLips finally maturing. Although were still waiting for Enrile and Lapid. Maybe someday.

All this will come to pass. Through hardships and difficulty that is the only way this can be achieved. Yet as Rizal so viciously points out:

The Filipinos seem not to know that triumph is the child of struggle, that joy is the flower of many sufferings and privations, and that all redemption presupposes martyrdom
and sacrifice.

Thus we must struggle, as we must grow.

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