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Warlord’s Faux Pas

What is so indignant of about the Maguindanao Massacre really?

From activists, rebels, soldiers, journalists and politicos; death mayhem and chaos are part and parcel of everyday Filipino life. We wake up each morning and hear gruesome news stories about some poor schmuck nga gi-ihaw sa eskinita(stabbed in the alleyway) and become apathetic. Like smelling crappy feet, we become used to the stench and slog on.

Yet this massacre is one for the books. This wholesale murder, a hallmark in global and Philippine history has breached an unspoken code of conduct amongst warlords. As mlq3 eloquently states:

Those unable -or unwilling- to fight fire with fire, who cannot or will not confront warlords and high officials on their own terms -because the powerful have all official and unofficial venues for the redress of grievances in their pockets or because, even if on par with a rival, one is unwilling to call that rival’s bluff- have relied on three antidotes to violence: womankind, the media, and the law.

All three manifested themselves in the decision to send that ill-fated caravan to the Comelec office. Mangadadatu sent female relatives: “Buluan Vice Mayor Ismael Mangudadatu’s wife Jenalyn, his sister-in-law and currently Mangudadatu town Vice Mayor Eden, their youngest sister Bai Farina and his cousins Zorayda Bernan, Raida Sapalon and Rowena Ante Mangudadatu,” as reported by Mindanews; and the lawyers sent to accompany them were women as well: Connie Brizuela and Cynthia Oquendo, who were also slain. Among the conventions that govern clan and political-related violence in the region, is that women, children, and the elderly are off-limits as targets.

And then, there was the media, including both national and regional reporters and correspondents: the glare of publicity and attention is generally considered enough to make even the most hardened of warlords take pause. And, indeed, the story was a big one: the colossal might of the Ampatuans actually facing a challenge.

All three -women being off-limits as targets of political or clan violence; media’s ability not only to cover stories, but to guarantee, in a sense, safety for those who bring their stories forward; and of the law, both in terms of the Mangadadatus pursuing a perfectly legal objective -filing candidacy papers- and of lawyers themselves as persons not to be targets, ceased to matter when the massacre began.

These conventions, crap no filmmaker, reportes or novelist I’ve heard has written do exist. Yet one has to be close to appreciate the gravity and subtleties of the existing political bushido. So for all those who view the Philippines through the spectrum of foreigners or conyos this singular act of barbarity is worth raising cries for. Even for a semi-barbaric country like the Failippines.

Micro, Macro

Reading up on a provocative piece of Manolo’s Marcos on Retrospect got me thinking. In his last line the strength and weaknesses of Marcos was as much the political weakness and strength of our culture.

“(confusing form with substance, ignoring how the means by which power is acquired is as important as how you use it, tolerance of his supporters’ mistakes; his using armed force to compensate for some political weaknesses)”

Confusing form with substance – now theirs a mouthful. How many times are parents (mine even more so) obsessed with grades as opposed to actual education. Filipinos are so obsessed with titles and ranks. The words attorney, principal and doctor have to be used for the “professional” to be acknowledged.

Ignoring how the means by which power is acquired is as important as how you use it. Again this ties in with the much vaunted observation of ranks and gradations. Who gives a rat’s ass how you got the diploma (some professional forgery) as long as you get the diploma? Kwarto, Kwatro o Kwarta (Sex, Failure or Money) ? Screw it!

His using armed force to force to compensate for some political weaknesses. A favorite of fathers and “disciplinarians”. Although the country hasn’t reached the point of cultural maturity the truth is this has got to stop. How many times have we substituted political executions in exchange for holistic reforms? How long will warlords continue to rule by subjugation and the their subjects to shiver – or be dumbstruck in line?



Winning elections since their were elections

Revolution of 1896: Epic Fail!!!

This Thursday, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and pimp mommy will visit its ‘ho in the ASEAN, our country. Aside from the usual PR shit about how much she cares about Flood victims, our colonial master is deciding to put its weight in the much gawked at VFA. Expect tons of protesters and sycophants to show up.

Why the hate for America you might ask? Why despise a country that “liberated” us from the weaboos and gave us independence?


Simple: we never needed their help to begin with.

Civilized Indios

Perhaps one of the grandest tragedies and the best secret Empire ever kept is the insertion of the Philippine Revolutionary victory. Completely forgetting of course how they snatched it from us just when we were about to take it.

After they subjugated and pawned at least 200,00 people (by American estimates) they decided to co opt our God awful historian, Zaide. Rewriting and destroying all traces of American blood in the archipelagos, the collaborating writers decided to keep on assimilating the benevolence of our new Imperial masters. The Banaue Rizalista sects are products of this forced assimilation.

This singular act of douchebaggery generated a ton of lulz. Mostly to the white guys whose descendants are now enjoying the fruits of their ancestors labors:
Hopefully she won’t be killed for the insurance.

Now to all those who pout over how we shouldn’t go all ape-shit over something that happened an hundred years ago, consider this. We could actually have a nation completely built by Filipinos. Sure there would have been no UP or Baguio as it is, but c’mon without Manifest Destiny we’d probably have a lot less bitchin. Just ask this guy.


Final word in the Pinoy Interwebs

Thoughts on my Own Damn Group

Things to teach other people.

I’d like to create my own damn youth group with foundations clearly grounded

– Separation of powers in a democracy

-Free market competition

– Secularism

– Necessity of Good Governance

– Human Rights

Drunk with Omar

But helpless pieces in the game He plays
Upon this chequer-board of Nights and Days
He hither and thither moves, and checks … and slays
Then one by one, back in the Closet lays

Surely the Theocratic State of Iran would love the Rubaiyat to just disappear. With verses practically singing praise to atheism what Ayattolah in his right mind wouldn’t put him in jail?

Intriguingly if someone aired it on the air or translated it into Filipino so many televangelists would be too unhappy. Especially this guy:


It's All About Me!!

Pardons to Omar, to simplify his works as mere atheist polemic would be ….. irreverent LOL.


Adam Smith in his seminal work the Wealth of Nations wrote that rarely do businessmen get together for the benefit of consumers. All too often meetings of like minds work to conspire against the customer. Hence, he implored that government must step in order to a) ensure that monopolies be broken and b) destroy oligopolies as well. Smith knew that when individuals dictate the supplies, they can dictate the prices. Like the spice of Arrakis or Rockefeller’s Standard Oil, the control of the only supply controls the Universe, of pricing.


Despite the entry of small-time players into the scene, the truth is oil is still the game of the Big 3. As I recall from my past lessons in economics the difficulty of investing lies in the high capital barrier. Made even higher by bribery and uber-taxes. Notoriously poor to act against the interests of big-time players Congress and the government remain beholden to the might (and cash) of economic fiefdoms. Maintaining the sway of the entrenched capitalists.


Despite the barriers for entry, it is still possible to enter the big times. For instance,we can loosen protectionist barriers easing foreign capital and provide start-up cash. Also we can destroy the obsolete thinking of waiting for the state to provide jobs for every single person.

Protip: Build your own business.


It doesn't matter if the cat is black or white