WE are an inured people. Content to be drunk, whether in occult prayers or sexual orgies. We are a happy race. Even when things are going to the dogs, we are still smiling. Content to live in our own worlds, we’d rather drown our worries in the web, in partying and nicotine.

Yet we should not judge our countrymen so harshly. History explains that those who haven’t found coping mechanisms to survive tough situations are doomed to fail. In the Philippine experience, that’s either being shot or dying from madness.

The Pinoy then is not a Pinoy. He is an amoeba. A singular organism in a drop of other amoebas. He can form colonies form self-protection and convenience. Yet he has not evolved. In order for an organism to advance to a more complex beast he must first develop prerequisites for advancement:

Cephalization is the formation of a centralized nervous system designed to lead the other cells. It first evolved in flatworms. We of course realize its value by focusing in one direction instead of sensing omnidirectional stimuli, as in the case of sponges. The emergence of cephalization allowed for specific predation instead of being bottom feeders or filtering.

The creation of a specialized respiratory and circulatory system Allowed higher animals to effectively transport oxygen and food to their bodies. Instead of relying on diffusion to transport wastes and air, we developed a specialized network of channels to funnel important elements to the various cells of the body. Hence allowing the existence of larger animals.


Yet isn’t it okay to be an amoeba. The single-cell organism can survive in any environment. Can adapt, can survive with very little in the same manner as Filipinos can survive. They live. Why trouble ourselves with problems of other amoebas when we can live on our own? Because we can and must.

As certain as evolution propels life forward, so too shall evolution propel man forwards. In the grander scheme of things, larger animals have an advantage. They can defend themselves better. Create testaments of wonder and retain heat better. Which is why their are large animals in colder climates.

So too one day Filipino will emerge. Evolve. From the feudal parochial mindset we will advance into other higher forms. Create genuinely effective organs of government. Connect to other cities and be mindful of the national as opposed to the mere local interests.

Slowly our minds are adjusting becoming more responsible in electing our officials. We now select in the basis of service and ability – even if perceived. Darlene Antonino-Custodio should thank her lucky stars for FLips finally maturing. Although were still waiting for Enrile and Lapid. Maybe someday.

All this will come to pass. Through hardships and difficulty that is the only way this can be achieved. Yet as Rizal so viciously points out:

The Filipinos seem not to know that triumph is the child of struggle, that joy is the flower of many sufferings and privations, and that all redemption presupposes martyrdom
and sacrifice.

Thus we must struggle, as we must grow.


A sign of things to come.

University elections are conducted every year to replace old sets of student officers. These range from local college officers to University Presidents/Chairpersons etc. It is of particular importance in public universities because these individuals have the ability to elect the Student Regent. The SR is an important post because it represents the student voice in the highest policy making body of the University: the Regent’s Board. The Regent’s Board is composed not only of the University’s head honcho but also Senators. This assignment also has perks of cash and travels. Which is why it’s pretty damn important to select the SR wisely. At least of course that’s how it’s supposed to go.

Flash Forward 2010.

Our university’s(can’t say here) elections have just been screwed. From the initial watcher’s count of all posts filled, the position of about 3 other posts have just been vacated. Thanks to the miraculous disappearance of hundreds of votes from the initial count, we have just lost 3 “winners”.

Now here’s the 2500 peso question: Where the fuck did those votes go?

Well now it seems that a recount would be pointless at this point considering the time they’ve had in disposing the evidence. Now it would take at least a month we don’t have to finally get to the bottom of this.

This posts are important because these are usually the positions that bag the SR seat. Which is why we’re bitching about it this hard because the SR is a lot of money. A lot of money. So we’re fighting for this as far as we can go. Shit! If there were tibaks here this shit wouldn’t happen.

Bigger Picture

I’m no stranger to Philippine elections, I know how this game works. Yet when you steal hundreds of votes and do a crappy job of the elections we have grounds to be suspicious. So, the best we can hope for at this point is get back at the people who have brass balls enough to screw us this hard. Which reminds me, who here knows an election lawyer?

5 Urban Legends about the NPA

The Communist New(Old?) People’s Army has produced many a myth about their modus operandi. Open target for CIA psywar, the reputation of the NPA as a “terrorist” organization has produced less than creative schlock against the rebel organization. Due to the remoteness of their jungle bases however, it can be hard to distinguish which of those claims are true. Here are a few gems of what probably are US planned smear attacks.

1. Child Soldiers
Easily the most refutable propaganda claim, the NPA since, well, ever actually has made it a policy of non-recruiting minors into the movement. Thanks however to Kabayan’s now defunct news organ, MGB the urban legend has maintained its cult status. People actually believe that NPA conscript 14 year old delinquents.

2. They shoot deserters, do they?
Technically they did, from the crazy days of the 80’s though the CPP has chastised themselves of “grievous tactical errors”. From putchists to “left-wing deviationists” the NPA is now improved and will no longer shoot deserters because that just isn’t cool.

But that other guy said…..

All right he’s a paid hack who used to be a Nep and now receives underground payroll from the AFP capish?

3. Mines

Slight of hand and command detonated explosives make the difference between an actual bomb and 38th parallel landmine.

4. Hitlist

Walden Bello is a lying sack of shit. If that hitlist was real do you think this guy would exist? Seriously?

5. Redbaiting

So insidious is the AFP that they are even tagging progressive organizations such as Bayan Muna, LFS, Gabriela, Anakpawis, Anakbayan, Migrante, KMU, Bayan etc. as so-called legal fronts of the CPP-NPA. With pretty much everyone back in the day a member of the underground how can anyone believe that? Really with so many activists becoming members of the movement how can anyone believe that legal militant organizations are fronts for Godless, Maoist Communists?

Definitely NOT Communist

The Friendster Excavation Dig

Remember Friendster?

That once awesome social networking site that everyone had to have because it was “cool”. That overrated, over-glittered profile page network that was just too annoying. It annoying from the start actually but like N’sync you had to bear it lest you were no longer in.

Which is fine I suppose but once the picture-fags and the inflated value is pulled by gravity, the false sense of wonder just knocks you out. Hard.
Like the Coolio fad before it, Friendster is now just another relic. Now buried under the immense rubble of the cyberspace.

Being the fad repellant that is my persona, I refused to accept this friendster bubble. Now that history has vindicated my choice, I can now rest easy. Knowing full well that the comedic drama that was is dead.

Still Remember Friendster?

like this but with more dead

For the Cause

Marxism Leninism is now dead. It was so since the beginning of this century. Yet many fight for what fewer believe to be a better future. The stereotypical Red fighter consist of dregs of society. Misfits, drug addicts, destitutes who have nowhere else to go. Yet one woman who found the cause of armed struggle was not your regular recruit.

January 4, 2010

“Umaalis ang mga anak upang habulin ang kanilang mga pangarap, at malao’t madali, maraming magulang ang tumutunton sa duguang bakas ng kanilang mga anak…upang sunduin ang kanilang bangkay at iuwi ang pinakadakilang katibayan ng kanilang pagkatao.” – Lualhati Bautista

We, from the League of Filipino Students (LFS) and the Student Alliance for the Advancement of Democratic Rights (STAND) in MSU-IIT, express our utmost grief and sorrow over the death of our beloved comrade Kemberly Jul Luna.

Kemberly, or “Kimay,” as she was known to her friends and comrades, was an AB English student in MSU-IIT. Known for her beauty and intellect, Kimay gained a lot of friends inside the school and out and has shown a lot of talent. She was a high school valedictorian and has participated in a lot of academic and cultural events. She was, for a time, a member of MSU-IIT’s Kalimulan, a cultural dance group.

She was also an active member of the Catholic Center Campus Ministry, where she became a leader of the Educational Committee. There, amidst the daily masses, boarding house meetings and other activities, she concluded that faith without action is dead. She always sought for ways to show that her Christian faith will not be confined to empty words and prayers, but will be brought out to the real world and be coupled by relevant action based on concrete conditions. She believed that faith should not be a lifeless dogma. She believed that just like Jesus, one must bring faith to serving the people— without thought of oneself. And just like Jesus, to die in service of the poor and oppressed.

She joined LFS early in 2008 and had been an active participant in the League’s many activities, including the National Interfaith Humanitarian Mission (NIHM) of October 2008 in the face of humanitarian crises plaguing the war-stricken Moroland. She was part of the local secretariat and headed the area preparation committee in Poona Piagapo, one of the target municipalities for the Mission. Daring as always, Kimay did not hesitate entering the war-torn village of Tagoranao to uncover the effects of indiscriminate aerial bombing and militarization in the area. She also convinced one of the victims to make a testimony openly on the events in the affected areas in Lanao.

She actively joined the “No to All-Out War” campaign and various other campaigns, including the campaign against US intervention in the country and militarization of peasant and Moro communities.
At the opening of the first semester, she was chosen as the ad hoc chairperson of STAND-IIT. From then on she brought the cry of the youth and student sector in classroom and group discussions and out to the streets in rallies where she acted as STAND-IIT’s official spokesperson.

Kemberly was a very good example to her comrades and to the people around her. She showed youthful fervor and gave her heart to everything she did inside the organization. She was once a quite heavy drinker and a late riser as an ordinary student, but when she joined the League, she showed exemplary effort to remould and do away with her old habits. She shelled herself off of all the petty-bourgeois individualism.

At the opening of the second semester, we found out that she did not enroll. Later, she asked for her resignation as STAND-IIT chairperson, saying that she would stop school and do full-time peasant organizing work with KASAMA-Bukidnon, a province-wide peasant organization. She stood firm with her decision, saying she would like to do more in service of the poor, and that she could only do that in the countryside, where the majority of the poorest people live. On January 2009, after a short Christmas visit to her family in Surigao, Kemberly went off to Bukidnon to start her community work. She promised however that she would maintain correspondence with us.

On August 2009, we received a letter from her saying that she left KASAMA-Bukidnon but did not say where she went to and that she is happy where she was at that time, and that she has learned to love the peasant masses more with each day she lives with them. Kimay also happily shared to us her experiences in the peasant communities, from helping the peasants harvest corn to teaching them to read and write and do a little arithmetic, since literacy in the area is extremely low. She was also known to the people in the community as a health worker, often called as “Ma’am Nurse.”

Kimay is a true “iskolar ng bayan,” who did not waste the people’s tax money spent for her education only for personal ambitions, but used her time, talent and intellect in service of the of the people. She traded her comfortable life of night parties and hangovers for the cold, harsh and mosquito-ridden mountains of Bukidnon because she knew that she is in the right path.

At mid-December last year, we learned that Kemberly was missing through a report from Karapatan-Bukidnon Chapter, a human rights organization. A number of LFS and STAND-IIT members went to Bukidnon to join the search. We searched for her in the camp of the 403rd Inf Bde, 4th ID, PA but the officials of the brigade prevented us from entering the camp and denied that Kemberly is in their hands. During the middle of the search however, we learned that Kemberly died in an encounter with elements of the Philippine Army in Sitio Bulacao, Brgy. Concepcion, Valencia City. She was a member of the New People’s Army (NPA).

We found Kimay’s corpse lying with a few others in the middle of the forest of Bulacao, unattended by the state forces who were bound by agreement to respect the casualties of war, combatant or not.
But Kimay died an honorable death. She died because she fought for what she believes in until the very last minute of her life. She chose the path of armed struggle, firmly believing that there is no greater form of struggle to advance the interests of the toiling masses.

She broke the stereotype that the New People’s Army is a pack of delinquents— of tramps who lack a better future.

We salute Kimay for her determination. She was willing to make the ultimate sacrifice— all for the interest of the people without thinking of herself. She has proven that this rotten social system breeds unrest and many of the younger generation long for a better society that is based on social justice. This system pushes many of our youth to take up arms to achieve the national democratic goal. We believe that her death poses a challenge to all of us— that unless we make steps to address the root problems of our society, more and more young people will follow Kemberly’s footsteps in the days to come.

We also salute her parents, who were in deep pain, but calmly accepted her fate. They respected her decision to choose the path less traveled.

The League of Filipino Students and STAND-IIT vow to pursue the national democratic struggle, not just because this is precious to Kemberly, but because we believe in its relevance in answering today’s basic social problems. We stand firm, as Kimay did, that a true people’s scholar should not confine himself/herself inside the four walls of the classroom and study empty theories on the chalkboard. A true scholar uses his/her talents and intellect to serve the studentry, as well as the broad masses of the people. She never let her schooling interfere with her education.

Long live the memory of Kemberly Jul Luna! Long live the national democratic struggle!

Goodbye, idealistic martyr

Reds belie AFP arson claim

The New People’s Army, the armed component of the Communist Party of the Philippines belies the claim of the Armed Forces of the Philippines that it was the rebel group that burned a school building in Quezon. The NPA further claim that the act was part of a psywar operation against the revolutionary movement. This after the NPA held its five-day unilateral ceasefire with the GRP.

The communists have been celebrating their 41st anniversary in December 26, 2009 in Surigao del Sur.

Too old to be partying

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) celebrates its founding
anniversary on December 26, 2009. The CPP under the theoretical guidance of Marxism-Leninism-Mao Tse Tung Thought was reorganized after it broke away from the original Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas (PKP-30). The CPP which through its armed component the New People’s Army(NPA) has been waging a protracted people’s war against the Philippine government since 1969 in order to establish a Maoist state. Proving inutile attempts by past administrations to effectively destroy the communist insurgency.

This recent celebration also mocks the Arroyo administrations so-called deadline to wipe out the NPA by 2010 under. Through the Armed Forces of the Philippines(AFP) previous Oplan Bantay Laya 1 (OBL1) and currently under the OBL2, the Government of the Republic of the Philippines(GRP) has utterly failed in destroying any one of the CPP’s 100 guerilla fronts nationwide. The OBL’s have also been linked to the assassination policy of the AFP of civilian activists.

Post Soviet CPP

Marxism-Leninism, although repudiated by other countries in the Philippines even after the fall of the Soviet Union. Despite the failure of socialist countries, a protracted people’s war is still waged in the countrysides. Largely as a result of social and judicial injustices, the NPA function as an alternative government. The rebels organize a shadow government which collects taxes and metes out punishment committed against the revolutionary masses. Often burning properties against those who do not pay their “revolutionary taxes”.

Furthering the Struggle

They are further poised to expand within the next five years. According to their website, the CPP is intent on expanding their mass base. They seem to have also adopted of infiltrating government positions. Exlained by this article.